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The following incomplete list provides examples for research projects performed by the Microwave Engineering Group of TU Wien during the last five years:

Ongoing projects:

  • CDG Location: Christian Doppler Laboratory for Location-aware Electronic Systems (funded by Christian Doppler Gesellschaft)
    Studying of various technologies and physical layer interfaces for indoor localization.
  • InterOp: Interoperability of Heterogenous Radio Systems (funded by EFRE Interreg V-A Austria Czech Republic)
    Measurement, modeling, simulation/emulation of linear and nonlinear interference.
  • LIMAR: L-Band Interference Mitigation for an Aeronautical Receiver (funded by Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG)
    Investigation of robust receiver circuits and algorithms for LDACS-1 communication under strong in-band interference/blocking conditions. Simulation, optimization, and hardware verification of a joint HW/SW OFDM-receiver design. The project serves as the basis for one PhD thesis at TU Wien.

Finished projects:

  • SES RSSI (direct funding from industrial partner)
    Characterization of the antenna pattern of electronic shelf labels by coherent nearfield measurements.
  • Backscatter Localization (direct funding by industrial partner)
    Development of a ΔRCS measurement system for evaluating backscatter localization performance at UHF, 2.45 GHz, and 5.8 GHz.
  • REFlex: RFID Real-Time Localization for Flexible Production Environments (funded by Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG)
    Investigation of UHF RFID ranging with unmodified tags. Includes RF design, signal processing, and FPGA-concept. Interdisciplinary research including studies of ethical implications.
  • TX4Green: PWM-based transmitter for green base-stations (funded by Vienna Science and Technology Fund WWTF)
    Switched mode power amp¬lifiers with high efficiency. Includes novel design methodology for digitally driven amplifiers, PWM noise shaping and signal processing for 1-bit systems, nonlinear characterization and linearization of systems with quantized input signals.
  • BoB: Board on Board Technology (subcontractor for industrial partner, funded by EU EUREKA/EURIPIDES)
    Analysis of a novel flex-connector technology for high speeds analog/digital/RF PCBs including 3D EM-field simulations, test vehicle design and measurements
  • Soil-moisture Sensors (funded by Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG)
    RF based sensing of soil moisture and salinity. Sensor optimization by 3D EM-field simulation and prototype design of an embedded sensor system.
  • UMTS NodeB Measurements (direct funding by industrial partner)
    RF-performance comparison of UMTS NodeB of different vendors. Design of customer-specific tests for DECT-interference scenarios.