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Measurement Campaigns & Complexity Reduction

Popular communication standards, utilized in the IoT branch (e.g., WLAN, BLE, and LoRa), have been analyzed in terms of interference capabilities. Based on measurements in different localizations, typical traffic scenarios have been abstracted. With this knowledge several interference sources (e.g., modulated noise) have been investigated by simulations and experiments. The latest results can be found by the following links:


Interference Recording and Playback

To support the evaluation of RF interferences in application setups, one of the goals of the project is to provide a publicly available design of a software defined radio (SDR) based interference emulator. For the purpose of high flexibility for variety of application measurements, the SDR emulator has been designed as a modular device that features high-performance FPGA SoC and supports commercially available RF front ends for various frequency bands.


Nonlinear interference models

A collection of mathematical models with focus on nonlinearity is found in this section.


Pilot Studies

For evaluating InterOP's interference modeling and mitigation concepts, please have a look on our pilot studies' reports