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Tuesday, 2021-02-23

Embedded linux workshop slides updated

The slides of the "2nd InterOp Workshop on Embedded Linux in Zynq (5.3.2020 in Brno, CZ)" as well as the supporting materials have been updatd/extended. The updated documents can be found on the on the workshop's webpage.


Wednesday, 2021-02-03

LoRa(WAN) Webinar Slides updated

The slide deck of the LoRa(WAN) webinar has been updated (detailed description on how to setup Chirpstack as requested)


Tuesday, 2021-01-26

LoRa encoder/modulator codes corrected

Thanks for your feedback! A small error in the LoRa modulation code was corrected, affecting specific combinations of high DR encodings with data bits packed into the header. The updated version is found here:


Thursday, 2021-01-21

New Master Thesis on LoRa Interference

We are happy to congratulate Harald Eigner for finishing his master studies and his work on LoRa Interference. He carefully analyzed several LoRa interference scenarious in his master thesis and together with his supervisor, a Matlab library for the generation of LoRa signals was developed.


Tuesday, 2021-01-19

New results online

The website has undergone a major update - please see the results section with lots of new reports and downloads!


Friday, 2020-12-18

Pilot Study LDACS/DME Interference

Pilot Study on Analysis and Modeling of Co-Site Interference onto Future Airborne Communications Systems LDACS is now online.


Wednesday, 2020-12-16

Ettus RFNoC Interference Generator

We are happy to announce a complete interference generator implementation, based on the commercially available Ettus X300/X310 SDR hardware. It consists of an RFNoC block and the attached documentation show how to generate table-based wideband interference.


Tuesday, 2020-11-03

LoRa compliant modulator/encoder

We are happy to announce InterOP's Matlab library to generate LoRa-compliant baseband signals. Please hava look onto the Matlab library! Details on the coding will be given in the upcoming LoRa(WAN) webinar and a diploma thesis on that topic - please check back in some weeks!


Thursday, 2020-02-20

2nd InterOp Workshop on Embedded Linux in Zynq (5.3.2020 in Brno, CZ)

The aim of the workshop is to provide professionals from industry and academia with knowledge on selected topics of software defined radio and its use in practice. The workshop introduces Embedded Linux (Petalinux) in Zilinq FPGA devices from Xilinx and focuses on embedded system problems starting with a higher operating system. Detailed information can be found in the invitation.

The workshop will be held on 5.3.2020 at the SIX Research Centre, Brno University of Technology.

Please find a pdf-version of the program here: Invitation WS 2020_03_05.pdf

For registration, please visit The workshop attendance is free of charge.