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For an introduction into LoRa(WAN), please see the following slides

Our webinar on LoRaWAN includes the following slides:

(Please note that the slide deck was updated in 02/2021 to correct some typos. Also the Matlab codes have been improved for better clarity)

  • Introduction/Overview to LoRa(WAN)
    Most important parameters of LoRa(WAN) and compares it against Sigfoxand LTE Narrowband IoT.
  • LoRa - Modulation/Encoding
    Overview on the LoRamodulation and encoding. While the first slides are intended for general audience, the second part will explain modulation/encoding on a very detailed level, targeting advanced audience which want to generate/receive signals with their own hardware, like software defined radios. This presentation takes use of the LoRa Matlab-codes developed by the InterOP team.
  • LoRaWAN
    Overview on the LoRaWANnetwork layer (on top of LoRacommunication). The fully standardized layer’s fundamental properties are explained. Readers of this document shall gain insight into how LoRaWANdevices can be enrolled (OTAA vs. ABP), what device classes A/B/C can be used, how the key exchange works, etc.
  • ChirpStack
    How to setup a LoRaWANtest environment. The presentation focuses on a setup based on the open source software ChirpStack, a Raspberry Pi, and an IMST iC880A concentrator board. It contains all steps starting from scratch until a successful OTAA join of a RN2483 based evaluation board, including the required commands for the RN2483.