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Linux based WiFi Test System

Part of this project ist to find simple solutions for characterizing ISM band interference. Therefore, a measurment setup consisting of two Linux PCs and WLAN cards have been developed. The WLAN interfaces (3x3 MIMO, ath10k) are connected over a coaxial cable with an attenuator in between. The remaining ports are terminated with 50 Ohm loads. Furthermore, a coupler is used to insert interference by an additional source like a VSG (Vector Signal Generator).

During UDP transmission tests between the two Linux PCs, the packet error rate, throughput and jitter is measured.

In order to compare different interferer sources (ISM band records, noise, etc.), a special Kernel from Candela Technologies has been implemented. This Kernel and additional driver patch offers full control of used modulation, bandwidth, transmit power and many more. Thus, it is possible to start UDP tests with a certain bandwidth, modulation, transmit power and packet length, while the interference source jams the channel.

Key facts:

  • Special Kernel version and firmware from Candela Technologies
  • WLAN Cards ath10k WLE900VX 3x3 MIMO
  • Fully controlable bandwidth, modulation, etc.