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Interference Measurement Campaign

In the end of June, a measurement campaign during a lecture at the TU Vienna was held. Goal was to record ISM traffic with a vector signal analyzer in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band. With this data, the traffic load and frame power distributions should be described.

  • Scenario

    • Class: Computer supported Japanese
    • Antenna placed in the middle of the room (right picture: below the red arrow)
    • Measurement equipment was placed outside the lecture room: signal was amplified by an amplifier cascade for transmission over 30m long cable

  • Recording

    • About 50 records with 10s length for each
    • Channel 1 @ 2.4GHz and Channel 36 @ 5GHz

  • Monitoring

    • Additional Linux PC with tcpdump
    • Possible to decode WLAN frames

  • The Measurement data will be available soon!